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Mehsa na district has been described as "Aanart" or "Aparant" region in the Skand Purana and Pharmaranya Purana during the age of the Puranas. Taranga Vadnagar, Modhera and Becharaji talukas have been mentioned as seporate areas in various Puranas and ancient books. It seems that Vadnagar was the capital of Aanortpur.
The Mauryan Age post mauryan age Gupta Age and the period of Chalukya (Solanki and the Golden Age) all witnessed the glory and grandear of mehsana. It also progressed during the sultnate age and during the rule of the Moghals, Marathas and the Gaekwad. It is said that a Rajput named Mesaji Chavda had founded that city of Mehsana. In the year 1932, the poet Jaisinh Brahmbhatt has described in his ancient poems that Mesaji Chavda established a temple of Goddess Toran and thus founded that city of mehsana on the 10th day of the Bhadarva month in 1358 AD thereafter the city was opened for settlement today Goddess "Toron" the sole witness to the establishment of mahsana is spreading the light of development through its Akanda Jyot (Prepetual lamp) wich is burning for the past 649 years.
When the Gaekwads founded the state of Vadodara they selected Patan as the administrative capital of North Gujarat Patan was situated at a great distance so they made the ancient city of Kadi the headquarter of the northern area the state of Kadi existed right from the Sultanate age. It the year 1902 the Goekwads made Mehsana the headquarter of their state and the northern area was divided into eight provinces Dahegam Atavsuba Kadi, Patan, Vadnagar, Vishnagar, Kheralu and Vijapur.
The district of Mehsana was spread over 4484.10 area and comprised of the current Gandhinagar and Patan district was separated from Mehsana district which lies to in central Gujarat fauswp Thereafter Mehsana district having nine talukas has many special characteristic.